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Women's Mesh Watch

Women's Mesh Watch

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Women's Mesh Watch
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Comprehensive Buying Guide and Reviews

Women’s mesh watches - in every color they come in - are the ideal pick to make a beautiful, unique fashion statement.

These band choices are always there for the taking, but only the bold women go close enough to one.

Their contemporary style and design make them stand out against the bunch. Deployed right, they take your style from zero to 100 in an instant.

If you have not already considered having one of these watches, now is the time to reconsider that stance.

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Why choose Mesh Watches?

The stainless steel watch case and strap came to steal the market dominance from the likes of the leather band and other reigning straps for a while.

At some point, though, it looked like everyone was just concerned about churning out metal watches back to back. Thus, the market was awash with the same kinds of watches – just different brand names and close design elements.

Manufacturers switched things up with different stainless-steel linkages, but that was not close to making a lasting difference.

Enter mesh watches, and the story changes.

This band material combines the premium feel of stainless steel on a breathable, visually-appealing design. We also love the fact that it looks beautiful with a color range of black, silver, gunmetal, gold, and rose gold/ pink.

When we say that this one makes a statement, we are not just talking about the fashion statement. We are talking about everything!

How to Pick the Best Stainless Steel Mesh Watches

Mesh band watches are great – but not all you encounter in this category will be good for you.

Don’t put your money on any mesh watch if it doesn’t satisfy the following characteristics.

Reputable Brand

Trusted brands have a name to protect, so you will always get your money’s worth.

A reputable brand also has social proof to back them up. Thus, you know just which one of their mesh watches to buy.

Steel Rating

Not all stainless-steel materials are the same.

This is why you might think you are getting a deal on a mesh watch when, in fact, you are trading down.

A 304 steel mesh is of a lower grade and is not corrosion-resistant, among other things. That's not even close to the good stuff.

It is always recommended that you go for the 316L steel variant (which we use here at Nordgreen) for a promise of 100% quality, improved taste, and longevity.


Mesh watches do not come in one kind.

There are different ‘weaving’ patterns, so to speak, for the mesh design.

We have found that the more open mesh styles look less appealing and professional. When compared to the tightly-knit mesh styles, that is, like Milanese watch bands.

This is one section that will come down to personal taste and preferences. Always let the purpose of the watch itself lead the kind of mesh you are getting with it.


Always go for quality, but that does not mean you have to break the bank either.

You can get either good women's wristwatches with a mesh bracelet, or replacement mesh bracelets alone, without denting your pockets.

Look through our mesh band selection, all priced with affordability in mind.


The fact that the aesthetics come last here does not mean they are less important.

Always take the mesh watch’s size – or replacement band dimensions – into consideration before buying. We have developed a straightforward guide to choosing the right strap/watch band size.

That said, you always have a variety of finishes to choose from when it comes to picking a mesh band. Some of these finishes are gold-tone, a pink-ish rose gold, and gunmetal, among others. Choose which best reflects your personality.

The Top 3 Women’s Mesh Watches to Buy in 2021

We have handpicked the top-selling watches sporting this strap to fit with your wardrobe.

We selected these watches from a range of color, dial, and design options. Rest assured, you will always find the styles that fit your personality.

1. Infinity 32mm Mesh Watch

The design language on the Infinity Mesh watch is not regular, making the watch stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t stand out in a bad way, though, blending modern elements for a desirable feel.

Nordgreen keeps this watch at 32mm, setting it at the average for most women to get in on the fun.

Options are not wanting on this watch, either. Even though it remains fitted with a mesh strap, you can get the mesh to come in either silver, rose gold, or gold. No matter which finishes you go for, the white dial and hour markers remain a constant.

2. Philosopher Mesh Watch

Jakob Wagner’s up-close attention to detail is evident on all the edges, curves, and outlines on the front and back of this quartz watch.

The Philosopher takes inspiration from traditional watch pieces with a country appeal, merging their style with the design elements of today. In 2021 and beyond, this promises to remain a timepiece that defies all odds of time and never goes out of style.

True to the brand’s simplistic design, the watch face is 100% bare save for a date display. Besides that, brand information is the only other thing on the face.

This unisex watch is best suited to women with larger wrists. Starting at 36mm, you can go as high as 40mm. The watch dial, offered in black and white, gives improved room for customizations.

3. Native Women’s Mesh Watches

In a country of watches, the Native series should be president!

The Native line of women’s watches provides one of the best marriages between a mesh strap and a watch.

Before going into that, the design is yet another aspect that stands out here.

The watch case diameter is as slim and sexy as they come.

Nordgreen went for a sizing element that will never go out of style – not now and not in the years to come. Pairing that with a premium watch frame, you get to wear your watch for as long as you want to.

This watch also features a black, blue, or white dial. The blue-dial sets this line of watches apart from the others, giving the Native series a more unique feel and look.

Switching Things Up with Replacement Mesh Bracelets

Even if your watch did not originally come with a mesh strap, you could still switch things up.

Nordgreen carries an extensive mesh band library and bracelets that you can switch back and forth with your existing watch.

No matter the manufacturer, size, or dimensions, our bracelet design language is versatile – allowing fits with different other standard timepieces.

With a replacement mesh strap, you also stand to get the best of multiple worlds. After all, you can now enjoy the same wristwatch with its default strap and pair it with a stainless-steel mesh strap in different colors for other occasions.

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