Pink Leather Watch Straps

Pink Leather Watch Straps

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Based on +14,000 customer reviews

Probably the best Scandinavian watch

I wanted a special memento of my favourite city, Copenhagen. This beautiful watch is exactly what Danish design is all about; beautiful, simplistic and modern. I look forward to many hyggelig moments with it.

Matthew Soucie, May 14 2020

Can definitely recommend buying from Nordgreen

Very pleased with my purchase - exactly what I was hoping it would be. Very quick delivery , well packaged. Would definitely recommend. Particularly like the scheme where part of the purchase price goes to an eco scheme.

Shelagh Williams, April 27 2020

I'm completely amazed

For some years now I have been looking for a quality watch that will last me a lifetime, like my grandparents' time. I finally found a brand with whom I identify.

Raquel Pereira, April 28 2020

Watch is exactly as advertised.

Very quick service and speedy delivery. Beautiful quality watch at good price,very easy to change bands.¨

Steven Chee, 14/02/2021

Excellent service, high quality products

Ordered on a Sunday, received on Tuesday which is phenomenal in the current circumstances. Love the watch, really classy

Chris Brown, May 27 2020


Quick delivery, watch looks great and love the CSR scheme to give back to the environment. 5 stars!

Ben Challenger, April 27 2020

Great service

We were really satisfied with our experence with Nordgreen! The product was great and the customer service was always very helpfull. Will definitely order again from them!

Anonymous, 28/01/2021

Great design, fast

The watch is beautiful and it arrived in just a couple of days to the US from Copenhagen.

Paul D'Alto, May 28 2020

When simplicity is everything

A very nice watch with a beautiful simple design and not that expensive as well

Mohamed El Kerdany

The ordering and processing of my order was very smooth and my order arrived in 3 days! I had made an error on entering the address and had contacted Nordgreen right away. They were able to change the address at the warehouse and sent me a confirmation which took away the anxiety.

Cynthia Lau, 28/01/2021

After seeing my not so positive online review about their lack of response to my issues with my previous watch the Nordgreen team were quick to suggest a replacement and organise delivery

Anonymous, 31/01/2021

Beautiful Timepiece

I like the watch on my shirt. It is a nice watch to wear. Simplistic and beautiful at the same time. I value this purchase. Thank you.

Soham Trivedi

If the first things that come to your mind when you think of pink are bubble gum and all things nice, then you understand the true meaning of pink. Our pink leather watch straps are for those that can handle rocking a bit of pink in their life.

If we had to pick one of our models to pair with our pink leather watch straps, it would have to be our Infinity women’s watches with a rose gold case and a white dial. If you decide to make your case color silver or gold, we think that would be okay.

Welcome to Nordgreen’s pink leather watch strap collection. If you are looking to give your attire a friendly, warm, and approachable edge, you are in the right place.

Pink is one of those colors that never go out of style. There are several ways to incorporate this color (like a warm neutral) into your look, which can flatter your skin tone and complete your attire. One of the most effective ways to do so is by wearing pink accessories like – you guessed it – a timepiece.

If you like earthy tones or sturdy fabrics, you can use a pink watch strap as an accent to add a feminine highlight and soften your look. For example, you may like pink, but not the overly girlish element associated with the color. With a pink leather watch strap, you can find the perfect balance between femininity and a grounded appearance.

On the other hand, a bold, bright pink piece may fit your personality and skin tone. If you can pull off an all-pink attire, why not go all the way? The muted pink of our watch straps can offset bright tones and provide balance without you having to limit your commitment to pink.

Some women prefer masculine or large timepiece designs. Watches with large dials combine confidence and style and add more personality to your outfit. However, on the lady’s wrist, these timepieces may look a bit robust.

By attaching pink wrist straps to your “boyfriend watch,” you can downplay its masculine profile while remaining true to your sense of style.

Another feature of Nordgreen’s pink watch straps is that they are leather, which has an authentic texture. The result is subtle visual interest and chic that looks great with white- and neutral tones in summer and darker tones in winter.

Leather is a highly versatile material, and you can wear your pink leather strap any event, whether it is a garden party or formal dinner. Another reason to choose leather is that it is one of the most luxurious materials, and it adds a degree of quality to any timepiece design.

Leather is a natural fabric with timeless appeal. If you want a watch that will be in style thirty or forty years from now, combine your pink leather straps with the simplistic Scandinavian designs that Nordgreen offers.

When selecting a watch size, consider the settings where you want to wear the watch. Generally speaking, the more formal the environment, the thinner your strap should be. The pink leather pairs incredibly well with rose gold, which is ideal for formal occasions.

The soft pink leather also goes well with casual fabrics like denim or cotton flannel, especially floral prints. For casual events, you can get away with a more prominent watch, especially if you want to spice up a simple outfit.

Our soft pink straps are suitable for any skin tone. If you have fair or light skin, the strap tone will contribute to a natural look, similar to the blush tones of your makeup. On the other hand, if you have darker or sun-kissed skin, the light pink can create a beautiful feminine contrast.

Matching Your Pink Leather Strap with a Timepiece

Your watch straps shouldn’t only match your attire and environment, but also your timepiece. Thanks to the versatility of Nordgreen’s pink leather straps, finding the perfect watch is not only a lot of fun, but you can customize your wristwatch to match your style and personality.

When looking for a timepiece to match your pink watch straps, there are several things you have to consider, including the timepiece design, size, dial color, and case color.


Nordgreen offers a selection of three designs that you can pair with your pink leather straps. These designs include Philosopher, Native, and Infinity.

Our Philosopher model is the more detailed of the three designs with lugs, a date window, minute marks, and third hand that counts the seconds. This design is elevated with a brushed look and is ideal for casual as well as formal settings.

The Native design is the most minimalistic with no second hand, minute marks, or date window. The case features lugs, however, and can be paired with pink leather straps to achieve a formal look.

The Infinity design has a more classic appearance with no lugs, second hand, or date window. However, it has minute marks, which gives the dial a more detailed presentation.


The size of the watch you choose also determines the strap width. The sizes available depend on the design. The Philosopher is available in 36mm and 40mm, the Native is available in 32mm, 36mm, and 40mm, and the Infinity is available in 32mm and 40mm.

The strap widths are 16mm for 32mm watches, 18mm for 36mm watches, and 20mm for 40mm watches. We recommend the 32mm and 36mm straps for ladies.

Also, the more formal the occasion, the more the focus should be on your attire, and the smaller your watch should be. Your watch only serves to complete your look, and it should not have an overwhelming presence.

Dial Color

Nordgreen offers three dial colors, namely black, white, and navy. The dial color for some designs may be limited to white. You can pair your light pink strap with any of these three dial colors.

Some people may be apprehensive about combining pink with navy blue. However, with the right attire and case color, you will be able to pull off this combination.

Case Color

The case colors you can choose from include silver, rose gold, gold, and gunmetal. If you are looking to create a warm strap and case combination, select a gold or rose gold case to go with your pink straps. A rose gold case works particularly well, as it has a prominent pink tone.

If you want to downplay the femininity of the pink straps, go with a silver or gunmetal case. These two case colors are also suitable for casual settings.

Buckle Color

Your pink leather strap features a stainless-color that matches that of the case. A limited color scheme will ensure congruency in the appearance and make it easier for you to pair the watch with elements in your attire.

Nordgreen Pink Leather Straps

When shopping for a watch and, more particularly, a leather strap, quality should be your first consideration. If you buy a watch strap of poor quality, it will not last long, and it will not add optimal aesthetic appeal to your attire.

By choosing Nordgreen, however, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best in terms of quality, long-lasting durability, and style. Our products are handcrafted and individually inspected, and our chief designer is Jakob Wagner, a prominent name in the global timepiece industry.

Genuine Italian Leather

The most prominent feature of our pink leather straps is that they are genuine Italian leather. This material is cowhide that underwent traditional leather treatments and vegetable tanning. The leather is also a by-product of the food industry.

Italian leather is not only durable and robust, but it also provides your watch with optimal visual appeal and authenticity.

Durable Stitching

In addition to using the most beautiful leather for our watch bands, we also incorporate high-quality stitching for added strength and appeal. The stitching is not high-contrast, so the strap has a monochrome appearance. The thread allows for optimal strength without compromising the flexibility that is necessary for comfort.

How to Care for Your Leather Strap

Italian leather is porous, and contact with water can cause damage, discoloration, and stains. If you accidentally wet your strap, wipe it dry with an absorbent cloth and leave it to dry naturally. Don’t use a hairdryer or place the band in direct sunlight.

Cleaning Italian leather is a quick and easy process. Wipe the surface of the strap to remove any dirt. Then apply a mild hand cleanser using a tapping motion. After leaving the soap on for a minute, wipe it away with a damp cloth.

Then, apply your favorite leather conditioner or oil to feed the leather. You can find leather care products at your nearest hardware store or watchmaker.

Nordgreen Straps are Interchangeable

Nordgreen straps are easily interchangeable, and you can have multiple straps for one timepiece. For example, if you have one Infinity watch, you can attach a leather strap for formal occasions and a nylon strap for casual events.

Nordgreen’s watch sizes are standard so that you can use your pink leather straps for watches of other brands as well. Our watch bands are specially formulated with our timepieces in mind, however, so you know they are compatible in terms of size and appearance.

Use Our Strap Selector

Matching a timepiece with a strap can be somewhat overwhelming. To make things easier for you, Nordgreen has a strap selector that you can use to find matching watch components and sizes. You can select up to three watch straps and checkout directly from our strap selector page. Every watch comes with a band, but ideally, you want to select more than one to enhance its versatility.

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