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Watches, watches, watches. One would ordinarily think watches are to show time, but a watch has become much more than a mere timepiece, it is also a signal of style and fashion. As such, choosing a wristwatch should be a well-thought-out decision.

The rose gold watch is special because it has a notable color history. Colors are more than just beauty, they evoke psychological reactions and even emotions, and the rose gold hue is a beautiful choice for its association with the flower. The rose flower, which of course is the inspiration for this color, is over 35 million years old and has been associated with love and romance. A rose gold watch is the perfect blend of beauty and style, a timeless classic.

When it comes to a classic rose gold watch, Australia and other corners of the world are covered by our extensive shipping options, ensuring fast delivery anywhere.

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Rose Gold Watches at Nordgreen

Despite the name, rose gold watches aren't generally made of gold. That is not because brands are greedy and want to fool you, but because it isn't a very good material for your timepieces. It is soft and prone to scratching, so there is a high risk of your watch looking worn-out fairly quickly.

Any watch on the market, both the dial and the band, is most likely made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel is the perfect material for making timepieces. It is durable, scratch-resistant, rust-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Not to mention, it costs a fraction of what gold costs.

So if you would like to not spend a fortune on your timepiece, while protecting your hands from allergic reactions, opt for a stainless steel watch, or, at least, a band made out of stainless steel.

Are rose gold watches in style?

The truth is, style is many times determined by trends, and very few people want to be out of the loop. Don't worry, you're covered. Rose gold watches are of course in style. Due to their unique shade, they stand out, especially when blended cleverly with your overall look, and accessories like jewelry and handbag. It adds value to anything you wear as it adds that extra 'oomph' to your look.

Who can wear a rose gold watch?

The color has been traditionally associated with femininity, thus it was mostly worn by women. However, Nordgreen offers some cleverly designed male-tailored rose gold watches. With the wonderful designs available on Nordgreen, both men and women can make a statement with their looks with a touch of rose gold.

We've got it all covered. Whether male or female, the most important thing to look for when going for a rose gold watch is your skin tone. Make sure the tone of the timepiece looks good against your hands, and you're ready to make a fashion statement!

How to style a rose gold wristwatch

Rose gold watches are quite versatile, so you will almost certainly be able to style one with your existing wardrobe. Here are some options:

  • Neutral: You can pair your rose gold wristwatch with neutral-colored clothing to give a subtle monochromatic look. You can also add rose gold earrings or a necklace. This gives off a simple yet sophisticated look.
  • Neutral with a color contrast: You can pair your neutral look with a bold and dark color such as dark green, black, or navy blue. Adding your rose gold timepiece to this will make the outfit pop. You can also do that within the timepieces themselves - choose a watch with a rose gold case and a darker-colored dial. This is the right pick if you love to dress with a bit of contrast rather than purely neutral.
  • Formal for men: A light rose gold watch on your wrist will look great with a navy blue or black suit. You can also go for a wristwatch with a rose gold case and band, and a darker dial color, such as black or navy blue.
  • Casual for men: Watches for men's casual clothing should be about versatility, function, and style. You will have to consider the kinds of outfits you typically wear and how your timepiece will blend in. You can choose a watch with a rose gold case, a black or white dial, and a black leather or nylon band for a more casual look.
  • Formal for Women: A woman's rose gold watch for a formal event typically has more decorative features, such as a delicate rose gold mesh wrist strap and a formal black dial.
  • Casual for Women: A casual watch should be something you love seeing and wearing every day. This will depend a lot on your style. Some will love a light rose gold-tone case with a black leather band, while others may prefer a rose gold case with a white or navy dial and a nylon strap. The choices are endless.

What other rose gold accessories are there?

Though not so common, there's a wide variety of rose gold-tone jewelry to choose from to compliment your favorite watch:

  • Rings: Rings with a rose gold-tone are usually highlighted with colored stones such as citrine or amethyst. You can choose from entirely rose gold-colored rings to some with colored stones popping against the subtle metal color contrast.
  • Necklaces: you can find rose gold-tone necklaces in different lengths and styles. An entirely rose gold-tone necklace will be a great pick, but you can also find some paired with pearls, diamonds, and other gems.
  • Bracelets: There's a range of styles of rose gold-tone bracelets. There are thin, delicate varieties and also large and embellished ones.
  • Earrings: Earrings with a rose gold-tone fit very well with a wide range of hair colors, especially when they are paired with diamonds and gemstones.

All in all, if you've decided to go for a rose gold wristwatch, you may want to complement your style with some of these. But of course, this doesn't mean you have to change your style entirely, you will definitely find rose gold-tone products in our store that can be worn on their own.

Other questions

What watch movements are available?

The watch movement is simply the mechanism by which the hands on the dial of the watch are driven to display time. Watch movements can be either quartz, automatic, or mechanical. Watches from our collection at Nordgreen are run by the famous Japanese Miyota quartz movement, one of the best and most accurate on the market.

Why you should opt for Nordgreen

Our designs at Nordgreen represent an aspect of our Danish selves. Powered by a high-quality quartz movement, our collection is tailored to meet your needs, provide comfort and make your watches as versatile as you need them to be. We have omitted the numerals on the dial in favor of a more minimal design. We have many varieties of rose gold watches, both light and dark tones, stainless steel case, metal and leather bands, and so much more. To see details of each product, check through our catalog.

What other colors can I blend with my watch?

You may feel hesitant to blend your rose gold wristwatch with silver or yellow gold pieces. But that doesn't have to be a problem. Here are some combinations you can consider to show off your style well:

  • Rose gold and silver
  • Rose gold and yellow gold
  • Rose gold, yellow gold, and silver

What dial colors are available?

At our store Nordgreen, you will find black, white, and navy blue dials for you to choose from, some have a slight tone too. You may find that we don't have numerals on our dials, and that is intentional. To stay true to our minimalism roots, our watches have been designed in a way that omits any unnecessary clutter from the dial.

So, what about the price?

In our experience, brands choose to either sacrifice the style or the quality of their watches. At Nordgreen we pride ourselves on creating watches that blend a clean minimal design with high quality and durability. With our watches, you can be fashion-forward without the high price tag and without sacrificing the quality (the Japanese quartz movement is just one example of that). So browse our online store to find your favorite watch model!

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