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Our Story

Why do we love watches that much? It's because when a watch is made right, it can express so much about us. We Danes, the ever understated fashion lovers care about affordable products, simplistic design, pure functionality, and having a unique Scandinavian story.

We're Copenhagen natives - we don't follow fashion trends. We stick to what makes us happy - everyday. We care about eachother - we have an unbreakable set of responsible values (not as scary as it sounds). It's all guided by the belief that the collective group is more powerful than the individual.

Want to capture all these values within a new designer watch, and make something truly unique? Well, there’s only one person you should work with: Jakob Wagner.

Jakob is a renowned Danish designer. He’s won numerous awards. designed products for Bang & Olufsen, and other major Scandinavian brands, and even designed a firefighter breathing apparatus that's featured in MoMA (yes he saves lives - what a hero). Jakob is known for understanding user behaviour, simplistic design, superb craftsmanship, and functionality beyond what you even thought was functionality. So, that’s why we wanted to work with him.

Aside from making an iconic collection of watches, we also wanted to give back to worthy causes around the world. Social responsibility, and taking care of one another is a part of who we are.

But we thought it was important that you had a say in it, too. As part of our “Giving Back Programme” you can choose which cause you'd prefer to support with us. We work with global initiatives to create tangible change within the fields of health, education, and the environment. These are three things we care a lot about. So join us, and help to start a good story that will be with your watch for the rest of time (no pun intended).

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